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Quality Cimmitment

Our company makes the following commitments to the products provided by the company:

1. Our company strictly follows the requirements of ISO9001 and API Spec Q1, so that the whole process of product design, material procurement, manufacturing, inspection, packaging and shipping, after-sales service, etc. is under control, and the products provided to customers are guaranteed without any quality problems.

2. The product design of our company is advanced, the technology is mature, a图片关键词nd the structure is reasonable. The materials and parts we selected are brand-new, unused, in line with the use environment and operating conditions, and do not have any defects that affect product performance. The processing technology, heat treatment and surface treatment technology we adopt are advanced and mature. Therefore, we guarantee that the products we provide to you can operate in a long-term, safe and reliable manner under the working conditions required by this data specification.

3. Our company strictly organizes, manufactures, and inspects in strict accordance with the contract documents, and strictly controls the quality, so that the performance of the product meets or exceeds your requirements. For the goods provided, the actual test report will be issued after passing various performance tests before leaving the factory.

4. The guarantee period of the products is strictly in accordance with the contract and project requirements. If a product quality problem occurs during this period, we will replace or repair the same free of charge, and we shall be responsible for the personal and property losses caused to the user.

5. When after-sales service is needed, our company will reply to the user within the first time after receiving the notice, provide after-sales technical solutions, and send after-sales technicians to the site to provide technical support and services when necessary.

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