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Dear Customers:

Welcome to visit Chengdu Holy Valve & Complete Equipment Co., Ltd. Thanking you so much for your attention.

When I look back, Holy Valve passed forty years’ splendid course as the time sped by. Based on the enterprise spirit of ‘Keeping space with the times, Innovating & Changing, Constantly striving for improvement’, the company has already trained a staff team which dares to face the tough fight and can get the victory. The visage of the company was renewed every year and the company always got the better achievement than the last year. 

To achieve the great-leap-forward development, Holy Valve described the foreground of ‘Seeking developing speed based on the good quality to ensure general strength upto first class in Sichuan province; To realize the leading position of other companies at home through great-leap-forward development’. And establish the enterprise development stratagem of taking brand building as the goal. 

Holy valve’s today is concentrated the love and support of all walks of the social guidance and friends. Here on, I represent all the workers and staff to address heartfelt thanks and grand respect to our guidance and friends, and we need your love and support as strong as ever. 

Reflect on the past and in the light of present, we feel enough emotion. Look into the future, we feel the burden is heavy and the road is long. Holy valve will cooperate with all circles of friends to make more contribution to customers at home and abroad with new spirit face.


General Manager of Holy Valve: Qin Hui  

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Our unique technology and experience accumulated over the years, different valve operating conditions and pressure have different solutions, which is the key to maintain the lasting innovation of avionics valve


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